• What Our Customers Say

  • Awesome Shop!" Fred and Danny pay attention to the small things, other mechanics seem to overlook. I brought my SL500 For a Timing Belt, apparently the other shop tried to rip me off with issues that never existed, after the guys checked my car i only needed a good tune up and an oil change, i guess the mechanic world still have some good guys you can rely on.

    Yogi Z.

  • Fred was great. Highly knowledgeable staff. Fantastic customer service. Very reasonable pricing, and excellent products. I highly recommend this...

    Candice M.

  • I came to you guys to check my car before heading off to California, i figured that the car had some major issues cause it never been inspected by a mechanic since i bought it, after a full check up just needed to replace my brakes, that was a great relief, i'm sure not all shop would have sent me that easy, thank you fred for being honest and professional. surely going to recommend you to my friends

    Michael C.

  • Had some knocking from the rear end of my land rover, went to one of those big dealers, said that my whole suspension is ruined and they appraised the fix at $2,000!!! what the hell? a friend recommended family auto care, went over there, they put the car on the lift and told me that the noises are coming from an old struts. that's it! less than a quarter of what the other shop asked for. Unbelievable! thank you for keeping some money in my pocket guys, you got yourself another happy customer that surely is going to come back!

    Mark A.

  • Got so sick and tired from mechanics, every visit to the shop got at least $600 expense, they see you are driving a BMW and the price automatically jump to the roof! failed a smog test, gave family auto care the chance this time instead of going to the dealer, it was an ignition coil that went bad, easy fix, less than an hour and i was out and ready for smog, can't thank you enough for treating me like a friend and not someone with money to spend.

    Daniel O.