• European Auto Repair In Las Vegas

  • Pre Purchase Inspection

    Looking to buy a European car? Our certified mechanics will check it for you and let you know if it’s a good purchase or if you should be aware of something under the hood

    Before your purchase that used vehicle, it is highly advisable to obtain an inspection. It is often the most overlooked step in the sales process and it is most beneficial for a purchase from a private party.  A Pre-purchase inspection may reveal problems with the vehicle’s body, engine and frame that are not immediately apparent. 

    Family Auto Care offers prospective buyers a 100 point inspection on pre-owned European vehicles in the Las Vegas area. We’ve performed thousands of pre-purchase inspections for our customers and we not only provide the buyer with a report of any existing conditions, but a sense of what expenses they may anticipate in the near future. Our pre-purchase car report also gives the buyer a bargaining tool in negotiating a final price for purchase. 

    Putting a car on a pre purchase check at family auto care will reveals if there are any fluid leaks from the engine, trani or cooling system. It also gives easy access to suspension system under the car and the tires condition.

     A lot of people pass on a mechanic check before they purchase a vehicle, although it is usually less than $75 and you will unveil the mystery under the hood, most of the buyers will buy a $10,000 car without knowing the real condition ahead of time. before we go any further, family auto care team will check your second car for free! that is a promise.

    so now, let's see what you need to check before you buy your next european car:

  • 9 Things You Must Check Before Buying Your Next Used Car

    1. Ignition - start the car and make sure it's cold - a lot of older cars hold some secrets when the engine is cold, it will pass later when the car working temperature will rise but you will be pissed by then...

    2. Engine - once the engine reached working temperature pop the hood and listen to the engine, obviously we don't expect from you to diagnose a problem but if the engine sounds rough you can probably notice, try to listen to the working sound, does the engine goes on and off? low turns and than high? shaky? those symptoms can give you a heads up and we will recommend to bring the car over for a full inspection.

    3. Transmission - the second most expensive system in the car is crural in a used car. how to check a transmission? the base check can go from just accelerating from a complete stop, if the car pulls you back a bit before the gear is changing, that is a small sign, try shifting manually, even if the car has automatic transmission, move from 1,2,3,4,drive,neutral and reverse. if one of them felt like a bad kick, you got yourself another sign, but again, not feeling so sure? call us 702-878-8199

    4. Air Condition - The toughest job every mechanic is trying to avoid and every customer tries to ignore, especially in las vegas where the weather goes to extreme in between seasons a lot of a/c system fails after a while, usually it's not the whole system but a blend door or one hose, but before you buy a car one of the important things is to switch all modes in the a/c system, from cold to hot, circulate, defrost etc. family auto care is a certified shop to handle a/c system in cars and suv's.

    5. Tires Condition - as we believe, safety comes first, a lot of people don't know the simple fact that a tire life shelf is up to 4 years from the day he manufactured, a tire look is not important at all, and every tire has his manufacture date stamped on him for you to know. tires are not a cheap product and and can easily clime to over $600 for a set, that is why you should know before you buy a used car if you need to replace them and add it to your expense list.

    6. Brakes - You don't need to be a great mechanic to do a simple brake check, but you do need a mechanic to tell you how long you still have with this set. it's a common fix to resurface the rotors and replace pads but by doing that you shorten the brakes life and might be less safe than a new brake rotors.

    7. Emergency Brake - Yes, we know, you never used it, but you never know when you going to need it... give it a long push or raise the hand brake to see that the system is working and stoping the car, we saw quite a few cars that people took the whole system out for different reasons, but none of the concern your safety. not sure if there is an emergency brake system? give us a call, we will check it for you.

    8. Dashboard and Interior - The interior part is mostly for you and you will rather have a nice clean interior, but note that the interior can tell a lot about the previous owner, how he treated the car and how much he put in it. cracks and noises from the interior or burned seats will tell you a lot! one of the most important things are the Dashboard Light, there are tons of tricks in the used car business and one of them is to replace the mileage on the odometer, it is illegal but unfortunately exist, if you see a 2002 Audi A6 with 43,000 Miles on it, turn on you red flag mode, something is fishy, there are some out there, but they are very very rare, there are a few ways to check that using tools like "CARFAX" or "AutoCheck" to check the car history, the few bucks that it's gonna cost you will save you a lot of hassle in the future.

    9. The Check Engine Light - Rated No. 1 as the most hated light in the car business :-). if the check engine light is on, don't even think of buying the car without a full diagnostic. if the check engine light is off, it's even worse, you must come in for a full inspection. the cons of the industry will make the light disappear for a few days, after driving your car for a week the light is on and you find out that the catalytic converter is clogged, even a Smog Certificate can be an illusion sometimes, a lot of issues can still make the car pass smog before the light is on, that is why we recommend to bring the car over, everything we mentioned above should give you the idea of how many things can go wrong and we can help you get the right decision and find the perfect car for you. 

  • Pre-Owned Car Checklist

    Our inspection of used European includes full analysis of the vehicle. Our team takes a deep look into the exterior, interior, frame, transmission, and steering as well as:

    • Major Systems – detailed checks on the motor, gear box, differential, and drive line
    • Suspension – inspection of steering, handling, braking, tire wear and ride
    • Body and Chassis – identify any areas of the vehicle affected by minor or major repairs, scratches, rusts, or dents
    • Engine – a thorough inspection includes checking engine compression and a complete engine analysis. 

    Evaluation includes inspection of:

    • Compression check
    • Leak Down (% of leakage)
    • Exhaust emissions and/or smoke
    • Belts and hoses
    • Engine sound, overall running
    • Motor mounts
    • Clutch operation
    • Transmission
    • Differential
    • Drive axles / Drive lines


    • Struts and shocks
    • Steering gear, pumps, etc.
    • Brakes, rotors and drums
    • Brake hydraulics
    • Wheel bearings
    • Charging / Starting systems
    • Lights, gauges
    • Battery
    • Body damage
    • Tire wear & alignment