• European Cars Emission Problems

  • As experience taught us, you can never know what tomorrow will bring, but after 20 years in the business, we can lower the element of surprise, therefor we got a list for common issues with european cars that might help you before you do your next online search:

    BMW - Oil Leak From Lower Engine - Most Common is just the oil filter, many times the oil change service companies do Hundreds of cars a day and sometimes the guys just forgot to tight the filter as he should, it happens and it's an easy fix.

    The Other common and much more problematic issue is a valve cover gasket leak, again, not an engine replace but being here in the desert can cause the parts to wear easily and it is very common for these gaskets to go bad after a few years, just be aware and look for the leak source.

    BMW - Rear Window Regulator - we just hate when this happen! one of the kids played a bit more than usual with the window and now it stuck half way... you are not the first one and definitely not of few, this is well known problem with European cars in las vegas, the heat expands the material and than the winter comes and shrink it all back - FAIL... We can help you with that, either it's fixable or replaceable our team will take care of that by the end of the day.

    Volkswagon and BMW - A/C Resistor Fails, the most common one is that there is no difference between low and high on the A/C, some calls it my a/c don't blast cold or heat, we just call it a fail resistor or a blower motor, both are fixable and leave you with enough money in your pocket to enjoy the rest of your day.

    Mercedes - Window Master Switch - although Mercedes likes to make a stylish interior, many times we saw the main master switch fails, it happens on 2007 models and down but it is a common problem, short circuit or just a system wear. if your window won't roll down do a simple test, try it from the main master windows switch and than try to lower it from the door that you are trying to lower the window at, if the window work from the door, you probably have a problem with the master switch or an electric problem, if the window doesn't work at all, it's probably a regulator or window motor problem.

  • If you own a BMW or a Mercedes Benz and are looking for a quality repair shop in the Las Vegas area, we welcome you to contact us and talk with one our friend staff about your vehicle.

    BMW and Mercedes Benz service and repair work needs to be done by an experienced mechanic with extensive knowledge of these finely tuned machines. We pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest technological changes in these vehicles doing the job well is our top priority. By utilizing only factory level diagnostic equipment and computers, our goal is to not only give your car the best possible service but to offer you, the consumer, the best possible service and leave a lasting impression that you will share with your family and friends.   We educate our customers, help them to understand their vehicles and what services they truly need and this honest and informative approach has helped us to maintain a highly trusted reputation and A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.