• Using the wrong motor oil could actually cause damage to your car’s engine, especially if you drive a European model. American oil is perfectly suited to American models,  but it can cause damage to a European engine, since the difference in the construction of these vehicles is quite significant.

    In the United States, the standards are set by the governing bodies of the oil and gas industry. European standards are created by the auto manufacturers, which means that motor oil is designed for their performance requirements as well as what an engine can tolerate.

    Problems can occur as a result of using the wrong oil so it is important to protect your investment by using quality motor oil that will not contribute to the buildup of sludge and deposits that can cause serious damage to your engine and actually reduce your car’s longevity. Incorrect viscosity can lead to metal-on-metal friction and lead to the breakdown of engine components.

    Many do-it-yourselfers are regularly overwhelmed by auto parts store shelves stocked with a rainbow of colored engine oil bottles, but the most important thing to know is to buy a brand-name oil that exactly matches your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications and certification requirements and remember to change your oil according to the carmaker’s recommendations.

    There’s a plethora of motor oils with various weights, detergents and compositions to chose from, so it’s no wonder that most Americans still leave it up to a mechanic or a dealership to choose the appropriate oil for them. Most oils are specifically designed for particular type of engine, driving style, or the amount of mileage it may have experienced.

    There is nothing more core than making sure that your engine is being properly lubricated. So if you’re looking for an auto repair shop that uses the highest-quality motor oil for your oil changes, contact us. At Family Auto Care our service policy is quite simple great automotive service from a highly skilled team that offers that best solution to your car’s problem.